Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Divine Intuition: Trusting the Universe

At the risk of losing readers, I'm announcing publicly that I am claraudio.  For me, that means that spirit speaks softly to me when I am quiet and open enough to listen.  I believe we all have the gifts of clairvoyance, but the degree to which we avail ourselves of such gifts depends on our spiritual condition.  In fact, the very idea for the creation of my Facebook entity, Earth's School Of Love (ESL), came in such a moment of divine grace and communication.  Over one year ago, I was sitting at my desk in my studio, with an intensely busy day ahead.  Clear as a bell, straight across my right shoulder, came the fully formed thought: Earth's School Of Love: Healing the Planet, One Thought at a Time. I distinctly recall being a little annoyed at the Universe's timing.  I knew, intuitively that I was being given something of great importance, but hell, on that particular day, I was already pressed and the last thing I had time to do was birth a new idea.  Nevertheless, action was required and I called my graphic artist and a logo was born.  Still not knowing what in God's name I was supposed to do with this freshly formed idea, I followed my intuition, dusted off my camera, and began a journey that continues to this day.  Armed with my camera, and a burgeoning belief that only two thoughts exist in the world, I challenge myself, and all of you, to chose each and every minute love over fear.  Try it. Next time you find yourself suspended between two thoughts, choose the loving one, and you will always find that sweet spot within yourself.

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