Friday, August 9, 2013

Both Oars in the Water

     Once upon a time, I admitted I was powerless over people, places, and things and that my life had become unmanageable as a result of thinking I knew what was best for me and the rest of the planet.  In short, I handed control over to a power greater than myself.  That decision didn't mean I could sit back on the couch and wait for results to magically manifest.  No, that meant I was still responsible for engaging in certain right actions, but that the results of those right actions were out of my control, and all I had to do was trust that the Universe was acting with my highest good in mind.   I still had to row the boat in the general direction of my dreams, and course corrections have required faith.
     So, I'm good.  I'm rowing.  I'm staying the course.  I'm weathering some of the storms out there.  What I'm not good at is keeping things afloat when my fellow passenger(s) who, for one reason or another, decide that rocking that boat is good, fun, normal.  Nope.  None of the above.  Truth is, so long as one person is rocking and not rowing, unless I can get to some spiritual safety, my life is going to be unmanageable as a result.  Tough stuff, this rowing.  I don't want to row alone; it can be pleasant to row in unison, in accordance with a higher calling and purpose.  But when I end up rowing alone, desperately trying to bring another to safe shores, we both end up shipwrecked.  Today, with both oars in the water, I chose to let the other person find his own way (sink, or swim), and I continue to navigate solo.


  1. Love this sentiment, Carol! We both will keep rowing with both oars in the water.