Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Setting Off

Good morning, everyone!

The long-awaited Wednesday morning of departure has arrived. It is presently 4:21am in my east coast world, and I am writing these brief words and heading out the door, bound for Syracuse, and then a night in Buffalo with my young Airbnb host, the junior beauty pageant queen. My goal is to sell at least one pack of cards today, take some pictures, meet an old Facebook friend for coffee (we have never met face-to-face), and wear life like a loose garment.

I felt the fear this morning, and got out of my warm bed anyway, petted Carla one more time, held on to Paul for a minute, (though I knew there'd be no tearful goodbyes allowed), got on my knees and thanked God for the strength to go forth on this journey.

One cardinal rule of mine is to not drive in the dark, night time dark is scary to me, but morning dark, well morning dark gives way to morning light, and that's a different matter. The GPS says five hours to Syracuse, so I know I need to be on the road within minutes if I want to breeze onto the Syracuse University's campus to hug my son, Matthew, before his noon class.

Thank you all, for your kind words, generous support, love and well-wishes in the last few months. You have inspired me, kept me humble, and encouraged me to move forward with this dream of mine to take my work, our work, on the road.

See you out there.

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  1. I am so excited for you and nervous for you and happy for you and although not physically in the car with you I am in the car with you. You are going to have such an amazing journey spreading a bit of love across the USA and leaving those you meet changed. How amazing is that? You inspire me and have shown me what can be done if you risk just a little bit of yourself and push a little bit of yourself a little farther than you have before.

    I have a feeling your goal to sell "at least" one pack of cards today will be met and exceeded!!

    I was not sure why the dowsing came up as it did but after reading your post I totally understand why I am here and you are there. :)

    Blessings my dear friend! Enjoy every minute of this new beginning.

    <3 <3 <3