Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hi, everybody. Today marks the end of the second full week of cross-country journeying for me, and the effects on my soul, my psyche, and my life have been profound. Due to the speed at which I am putting down the miles, however, I suspect that the real changes and impact won't come until I am back home in Rhode Island, on or about November 15. The initial whispers from my heart tell me that I will never be able to come back and ground myself in my old life again. I have seen too much, and more importantly, I haven't seen enough. The original hunger that launched me on this quest has not abated, indeed, it has only grown larger. On the other hand, my heart longs for connection, deep and powerful connection that only coming home, coupling with another, making a commitment to find common ground, dreams, and purpose can deliver. I am unsure which of those two roads, or a different one entirely, that God, the Universe, and my angels have in store for me. For today, however, my heart is open, the road is long, and the opportunities to be of service are endless. Peace out, my friends.
Love, Carol

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