Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Good News.

Grief mounts as Russia grounds fleet of airplanes.
3 dead, 4 injured after car plows into trick-or-treaters.
Man fatally shoots and kills 3 people in Colorado town.
Top 9 saddest splits in celebrity history.

Those were the headlines I read when I signed on to receive my email this first Sunday in November. If those messages weren't enough to sink my tender, open heart, a pop-up warning appeared, uninvited, on my laptop screen.

Every 2 seconds someone new becomes a victim of identity theft. Don't be next.

Fear. Destruction. Chaos. Geez, Louise, the whole world has, indeed, gone mad.

I have a split second to respond to the toxicity of today's headlines, and so do you. Be honest, do you revel in the despair? Do you hunger for more, eagerly devouring the blow-by-blow details? You bristle at my implication. If you are giving extended attention to these headlines, you are participating in the darkness, the madness. News is a big industry; it can't exist without your participation.

I get it. Shit happens. Good people become victims of random violence, but do you really need to read about, and watch, another vehicle, in the same week, plow into innocent bystanders? Here's what I fervently believe. We invite, absorb, and become what we put our attention on, and every minute counts. Do not waste a single one of your life's precise moments focusing on negativity. Have you ever had a strand of hair land on an exposed layer of your skin? You can feel it, right? A thin, lightweight piece of hair. Imagine that. Imagine then what dark and negative thoughts can do to you at a cellular level. Food for thought. (Check out medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, if you don't believe me.) What images, messages, and thoughts do you want your body, your cells, to absorb?

Choose the newsmakers who are genuinely making a difference. shared these headlines this morning.

94-year-old gets ready to run NYC marathon.
When 83-year-old landscaper needed new truck, donations grew like weeds.
Farmer rescues 700 acres of California coast to Native American tribe.
Help the Monarch butterfly population by raising them yourselves.

These are some of the people and issues worthy of making headlines, and the more you focus on them, the more of them you will see. Dig deeper. Your body and world will thank you.

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